Kenworth: Used Trucks For Sale

In 1912 came about the birth of Kenworth Trucks and at the time of its first appearance, became the first known truck for commercial usage. Today, Kenworth continues to build and rebuild vehicles with very specific upgrades to fulfil your trucking needs. 

Why You Should Choose Kenworth

1. Fuel Conservation 

This is a major concern for most truck drivers and owners— how quickly or poorly a truck conserves fuel. Long hours on the road, plus quotas and deadlines to meet within a period of time shouldn’t be hundred by quick-to-empty fuel tanks. 

For this reason, Kenworth distinguishes itself with its models that have been improved to allow mileage and gas consumption to last far and beyond that of most modern trucks today. 

2. Easy Maintenance 

Another aspect that you should consider is the cost of maintenance, along with its frequency. If you do the math, you’ll be able to save heaps with Kenworth’s trucks because of their efficient power management. 

You’ll find yourself seeking maintenance assistance less, and thus, also shell out less as a result. 

3. Lightweight Gear 

For heavy-duty trucks, overall weight will always be an issue and is an added challenge with fuel consumption (as mentioned earlier), traction, and speed. But with Kenworth’s newer makes, their gears are lightweight, aiding in smoother drives anywhere.