IVECO: Used Trucks For Sale

IVECO, or Industrial Vehicle Corporation, is the upshot of the merging of five vehicular companies in 1975. Think of it as 5 car manufacturing superbrains that integrated into one to provide you with only the finest trucks to date. 

Why You Should Choose IVECO

1. Fewer Oil Changes 

The new IVECO truck models have been enhanced to work with minimal oil consumption. You’ll immediately notice with every drive that topping up will be less than other types of trucks. Even as you hit the recommended intervals, you’ll still be under the proper limits, and more. 

Hence, you’ll be spending less and saving more with oil changes. Furthermore, such oil preservation will avoid encrustations around the engine and motors. So maintenance will be less, too.

2. Quick Responsiveness 

Agility is something you wouldn’t think to use in describing a truck. Much less any other automobile for that matter. Nevertheless, this word perfectly describes IVECO vehicles. They respond with agility whenever you accelerate or hit the brakes. 

No lagging and unwanted tightness in the clutch. Then again, if you decide to go automatic, you’ll still go home with the same add-ons. 

3. Steering Stability 

Also, you’re going to love how an IVECO truck glides like butter as you steer it in onward. Its control unit uses real trajectory along with something called “theoretical trajectory” in order to calculate the automobile’s movements along with your steering. With this, even slippery surfaces won’t stand a chance against the level of stability IVECO will bring.