Fuso: Used Trucks For Sale

Another prime brand with a history of excellent manufacturing and service, Fuso Trucks was born from world-renown Mitsubishi Motors in 1932. For vehicles that can dominate in heavy industries, Fuso is your easy go-to.

Why You Should Choose Fuso

1. Easy And Consistent Control 

A major problem that heavy-duty trucks often experience is having difficulty in their controls, precisely because of vehicular size and weight. However, this won’t be a problem with the Mitsubishi Fuso. Cruise control is a characteristic they have mastered creating and drive in one will definitely have you feeling ease in maneuvering this drive over various surfaces.

2. Large Capacity Fuel Tank 

Longer drives require stopovers to gas stations along the way, extending your journey from point a to point b unnecessarily. That is, it WILL be unnecessary because the Fuso has a large capacity fuel tank. It can go for miles without the need for gassing up, much longer than the average truck. 

3. More Stable Tires 

Wear-and-tear of tyres is another challenge the Fuso has overcome. Fuso trucks’ tyres now have higher stability and traction, they won’t easily break down even over time.