Tyres: Truck Parts

More than moving vehicles from one place to the next, tyres to a lot more than some drivers are aware. They’re responsible for shock absorption whenever you traverse on roads that are of rough and irregular surfaces and are the actual supporters of the entire weight of an automobile. 

It’s due to these reasons that tyre brand, material, and overall make should be examined when you shop for tyres.

Our Tyres 


This may sound like a no-brainer, nonetheless, it’s a characteristic we take pride in when describing Browntruckparts.com tyres. Though we source them from various dealers and brands, they undergo double to triple checks to warrant that they’re meant for an extended period of time. 

If you’ve got a heavy-duty truck for hauling large and weighty stocks, we’ll do the math for you and offer up tyres manufactured from materials able to adapt to terrain and weather conditions. 

Directional And Steering Control 

Our tyres also supply much control as you direct your truck on the road. Proper grip during braking and smooth transition as you make turns, along with fluid acceleration or deceleration. All so that you can cruise on in leisure and in safety.