Seats: Truck Parts

The interiors of your truck should be just as well cared for and maintained as its chassis and other external gears. Specifically, accessories that add to your driving comfort as you travel on wheels, through short or long distances. 

If you’ve come this far to think of having elaborate upkeep of your truck’s engine, gearbox, driveline, and tyres, there’s room for one more: seats. 

Our Seats

Ergonomically Designed 

Comfortability isn’t merely about plushness. Though that’s a given. More important than that is an ergonomic design that will lessen body strain as you drive for long hours. With the wrong type of seats, you could potentially have back pains and spinal strain that will be perennial. 

In contrast, you can combat this with our seats that have lumbar support and back arches that will enable you to drive continuously without putting pressure your lower back, shoulders, and hip. 


Truck seats are also intended to provide you, the driver, with safety. How? Its size and distance from certain interiors like the dashboard and the steering wheel, these have a role in protecting in the event of an accident or sudden turbulent motion such as abruptly stepping on the brakes or accelerating.