New VS. Used Trucks: Which Way Should You Go? 

You’re on this page about new versus used trucks so it’s safe to assume that you’re trying to scout the market for either one. You’re already on the right track. Why? Because you’re doing your homework in finding out which option will be worth your attention, and eventually, your money.

Another thing is that you’re taking this much effort to spot the perfect truck because that’s how passionate you are about this type of automobile. Passion is what drives and we’d like to fuel your love for goo vehicles just the same. 

However, it’s no secret that choosing between new and old trucks can be quite the conundrum. First, one you seal your purchase, that’s it. You get what you get (if that makes sense). Regrets? Only if you aren’t aware that there are other options available for what you need. 

This is where we step in. 

Benefits Of New Trucks 

1. The Guarantee Of The “New” 

This one might sound like a too-obvious benefit. Probably because it is. The first advantage of buying a new truck is that you can be assured that everything about it, the chasses, the internal gear, the accessories, are all brand new. 

What this entails is that you can align the truck’s parts to their estimated lifespan before needing to be tuned with ease. Why is that? Due to the fact that they’re fresh off the pan. They haven’t been used before. 

Also, this means that they’ll last longer before needing said tune-ups. That’ll be an added bonus because servicing can be quite hefty depending on the vehicle model. 

2. Upgraded Technology 

Another benefit of purchasing new trucks is that you’ll have the option of choosing one that has up-to-date gears and technology. GPS tracking systems that are exact to a T, motion sensors for traffic precautions and parking, cooling systems that can be customized, etc. 

There are dozens of high-tech accessories that you’ll be more likely to have when buying a new truck. And if you’re tech-savvy even when it comes to these, then you’re already looking at your perfect fit. 

3. Servicing And Maintenance 

New ownership usually warrants servicing that’s either already included in your initial down payment or is cheaper in price compared to that of others. It’s an add-on that makes new car-buying such a sweet deal. 

It’s a definite “must” to take advantage of this benefit. It isn’t only about having a sweet ride but being able to have its parts cared for by experts as well. Instead of going to local mechanics who might replace original parts with their opposite, your best bet is to be safe and stick with the carmaker themselves.

4. Roadside Support 

This may surprise you but these days, car bundles have such a category. Assistance for when you get stuck on the road. In case you get a flat tyre or your truck’s headlights go off on their own, you can have them replaced or fixed without having to pay too much if at all when they’re already a part of what you’ve paid for in the first place. 

Benefits Of Used Trucks 

1. The Is Definitely More Affordable Than A New Truck 

Looking for the right price? One that won’t run you to the ground? Used trucks are it and we’re saying that plainly. No exaggerations. This is among the major reasons why buyers swerve towards second-hand drives. 

And it’s okay to have this as one of your benchmarks on your buying list. It’s practical to think this way. Even better, you might even find that prices can easily go down depending on the seller, and demand. 

2. A Variety Of Options 

Contrary to what others think, there is a wide variety of trucks that are second-hand. More, in fact. And they can be amazingly diverse. This is a win because then you’ll have the means to compare different vehicles of different brands and of different builds. 

Who says you have to stick to a single category when taking your truck-pick? Not at all with used automobiles.

3. Lower Insurance Rates

Thirdly, you’ll get the front seat to lower insurance rates. This is no secret and it’s definitely a must. If you encounter a seller with high insurance rates, that’s a red flag. Sticking to the topic at hand, depreciation plays a part in this… and at the end of the day, that’s a good thing. 

Although you should also know that there are insurance companies that don’t accept applications for vehicles older than 10 years. Still, it’s a bargain in the long run if you count the accumulated cost.

4. Price Negotiation

Finally, you’ll have more leeway to negotiate prices. They’re not fixed, unlike when you head to a car dealer that sells only brand new wheels. You can talk to the dealer, build rapport, and try to lower the rates. 

Moreover, if the dealer is someone you know (or is a friend of a friend of a friend, you get the gist), you’re likely to succeed at striking a pretty sweet deal. Plus the additional references will prove helpful in trusting said dealership.